2018 Bee Club picnic coming up soon!

The bee club picnic is coming up on July 28th (a saturday).  It is a fantastic event so I highly encourage all members to come.  You can reach the SignUpGenius link at http://nwdba.org/picnic  for more information and to register that you are coming.  Please do register rather than just showing up so that we know approximately how much food to buy.  As in the past we are expecting over 100 people and we will be teaching a number of mini-classes on things like making beeswax candles, making creamed honey, grafting to make new queens, mead making, skep making, and how to add wax to plastic foundation.   Note that you must be a club member in order to come.  Also, be aware that when you go to the SignUpGenius link it will look like you need to make an account (if you don’t already have one) but if you scroll down on the page there is a spot to signup for the event as a guest so that you don’t have to create an account.

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