Bee Availability List for 2019

Bee Availability List 2019                                       UPDATED: 1/28/2019

This is a list of bee suppliers that NWDBA is aware of for 2019.  NWDBA puts this list together to help our club members find out about possible sources of bee packages, nucs, and queens.  However, we make no representation that these are particularly good suppliers – it is merely the complete list of those that we are aware of.  We also in no way guarantee that these prices are correct.  They are simply what we were last told.  If you are a supplier and would like to be added to the list or see that information listed for you is incorrect please send an email to


The Snohomish Bee Company360-568-2191bees@snohobeeco.comSnohomish, WA
Bees can be ordered online HERE

Italian Packages
3lb with Marked Queen: $155 + tax
3lb with Un-Marked Queen: $145 + tax
4lb with Marked Queen: $170 + tax
4lb with Un-Marked Queen: $160 + tax

Carniolan Packages
3lb with Marked Queen: TBD
3lb with Un-Marked Queen: TBD

Randy Oliver 5 Frame Nucleus Hives: $225 + tax

Queens available in late spring:
Survivor Stock (Old Sol Apiaries Queens)

* All package prices include a refundable $5 cage deposit.

Visit for more information
Larry Brainard425-478-0575 larrybrainard@comcast.netLynwood, WA
5 Frame Nuc – $215 that includes: Northwest Bees; a mated Queen; 2-3 frames of brood & 2-3 frames of stores (nectar, pollen & honey) and the nuc box. 
Queens are guaranteed up to 10 days following the date of delivery.

The estimated date of delivery is April through Mid-May. The Nucs will be available for pickup in Larry’s Lynnwood yard. 
Please bring cash payment to our February meeting or make alternative arrangements with Larry.

The quantity of available Nucs is limited so get your orders in soon. 
Please send an email to Larry if interested
Miller Compound HoneyBees & Agriculture253-843-1319
Queens will be available mid-May.
Queen cells will available early May, mated queens mid to late May, depending on the weather.

$45 for one mated queen, $40 each 2 or more.
Queen cells are $10 each, 30 or more are $8 each.
Queen cells are temperature and time sensitive.

Locally raised bees with emphasis on treatment reduction.

Lauri rears queens from her own overwintered hardy Northern stock; sold for direct pickup.

Treatment reduced due to genetics, management practices, and good location.
Hive5Bees757-376-2821rochesterBees@gmail.comRochester, WA
Visit to order.
$50 deposit, balance required by March 1st. Nucs available 1st and 2nd week of April.
Pre-sales prices:
Nuc - $145, stocked with Kona queen (Italian/Carnolian mix)
Make sure to check out our testimonials via Facebook
Old Sol Apiaries541-582-2337oldsolbees@gmail.comRogue River, OR
We will be selling Caucasian (WSU/Shepard/Cobey) stock and Survivor Stock nucs.
Will have nucs available in May.  Exact date TBD.

Queens - $35, and will be available in Spring. Will do bulk shipping of queens to save if several club members combine orders.
Our distributors for nucs this year are:

Bridgetown Bees 503-333-9271  
Nuc - $210 with survivor-stock queens
Nuc - $230 with Caucasian queens.
Each nuc box will include 4 frames of bees and stores, 1 frame feeder

Urban Bee 206-786-5715  
3lb package - $185.00
5 frame nuc (commercial) - $175
5 frame nuc (survivor stock) - $180
5 frame nuc (Caucasian) - $185

Tarboo Valley Woodenware
Woodenware 360-301-0686
Northwest Bee Supply855-796-8544 or 907-360-8182radford180@gmail.comSequim, WA
Nucs - $170.00, will go up in price after February.  You can place orders right now
Order for the city nearest you; pickup will be at a central location with a big parking lot. 
Make sure you read the terms and conditions and agree to them.
Olympic Wilderness Apiary 360-928-3125 harbees@olypen.comPort Angeles, WA
Dan & Judy Harvey -
4 Frame Langstroth Deep – $250.00
5 Frame Langstroth Medium – $250.00
1-4 NUCS – Payment is due in full at time of order
5 OR MORE NUCS -25% Down due at time of order, remainder due at pickup
1-3 Breeder Queens – $300.00 ea + S/H -Payment in full due at time of order
4 + Breeder Queens – $250.00 ea + S/H -25% Down due at time of order-remainder due prior to shipment
Chemical free
Seth Smith360-770-0481Skagit Valley, WA
First delivery will be about mid April give or take a week and the second about the 3rd week of May.
Nucs - $165
Queen cells will be available - $5, please pre order for a specific date.
Cascade Natural Honey Company206-920-2150cktherriault@comcast.netBellevue, WA
3lb package - $150
5 frame Nuc - $225
Mated queen - $45 We have mated queens available in April. Pick up will be in Bellevue, WA.
Order online here!
Cascadia Apiary Supply425-215-2972 matt@cascadia-apiary-supply.comWoodinville, WA
Order Online
3 lb packages of Italian or Carniolan – $145
5-frame Nuc, Italian or Carniolan – $180
Queens, Italian or Carniolan – $45
Estimated date is April 1

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