It’s the time of year to really think about Varroa

You have probably pulled your supers off your hives and harvested honey.  Now is the time to think about monitoring and controlling varroa.  Here is a helpful guide to the lifecycle of varroa mites and some information about monitoring and estimating the varroa levels in your hives.  While I don’t particularly like the Apivar treatment … Read more

This years honey crop

It’s been a long time since I posted to the blog and I just got back from a week away from my hives and wow!  What a difference!  I got hammered by losses this winter and so I started off this season with 2 overwintered hives (1 very weak, 1 ok) and 6 “nucs”.  I … Read more

Excellant video by Randy Oliver

This is a Randy Oliver presentation that every beekeeper should watch, especially new beekeepers who are trying to understand how they should work their hives!     Remember, we have Randy Oliver coming to speak at our club event in Everett on September 9th, so you have a chance to hear him in person.  I … Read more

Microscope to diagnose Nosema levels available at club meetings

The Snohomish Bee Company has purchased a compound microscope for use at our club meetings in order to help members monitor their Nosema infection levels. Our club approached Snohomish Bee Company and asked if they would consider buying the microscope if the club would agree to purchase a transportation box for the scope, the supplies to make … Read more