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A message from WASBA legislative chair
Tim Hiatt,
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Beekeeper Liability Protection: Call to Action

Our beekeeper liability protection bill, HB 2640, has been assigned to the House Judiciary committee for a public hearing. It hasn’t yet been scheduled, and time is running out! Please call and email:

Chair of Judiciary committee:
Rep. Laurie Jinkins, office:  (360) 786-7930, email:

Ranking Minority Member:
Rep. Jay Rodne, office (360) 786-7852, email

Ask them to schedule HB 2640 for a hearing now, and to support the bill.

Also, go to the bill page and comment in favor. The button is on the upper right of the page: “Comment on this bill.” Be sure to check the boxes to send to all your legislators. See below for suggestions on what to say.

When you call:
The legislative assistant will answer, or you’ll get an answering machine. Either way, be brief and to the point.
When you email:
Again, be brief and to the point. Put in your address to find your legislators, and be sure to send to all of them. When calling or emailing, feel free to use these reasons to support 2640, and even add your own. Copy and paste from hundreds of people don’t mean as much as your own words and thoughts, so say what you want to say.
  • Honey bees provide ecosystem services (pollination of trees and flowers)
  • Urbanization has decreased the population of native pollinators
  • Honey bees can help keep our ecosystem healthy in spite of urban development
  • Beekeeping is suppressed by fear of lawsuits in urban and urban/rural mix areas
  • Homeowners insurance won’t cover beekeeping, or is too expensive to cover it
  • This bill would decrease fear of lawsuits, increase beekeeping and ecosystem services: a win for the public, for the environment, for beekeepers, and for honey bees.
Please email with questions or comments. Thanks for helping push this along!

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