IMPORTANT! – support this legislative bill

Beekeepers, this pending legislative action that Washington State Beekeepers has been shepherding through the legislature needs your support now.  It will protect beekeepers from frivolous lawsuits as long as the beekeeper is following reasonable practices.  Also, many of you are probably not aware of this, but many homeowners insurance companies will not cover you if they find out that you keep bees on your property.  They see it as high risk of lawsuits, and this legislation will solve that problem and make bees not a concern for insurance companies in WA.  I strongly urge you to contact your representative and even to encourage friends in other districts to contact their representatives ASAP.  Please read the WASBA message below and then contact your representative.  Also, please consider sharing this message on Facebook or wherever you can as soon as possible.  The vote happens very soon so please act now.

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