March 2018 Board Minutes

NWDBA Board meeting notes March 27, 2018

Attendees:  Mark Salser, Tim Ade, Debbie Ade, Mary Oosterhof, Cory Marchand, Joe Canfield, Mike Kossian, Jim Black, Larry Brainard, Eli Ocheltree, Teresa Jorgenson, Pauline Marshall, Dave Pehling

Action Items Summary:




Other speakers for possible 2018 event?



Contact Sarah Steever re: website

Jim B


Get prices for other fundraising items

Tim A


Advertising on website


Agenda items:

  1. Minutes of 2/6/18 approved.

2) Treasurer’s report and membership numbers. (Mary O.)

150 members.  Report at bottom of the page.

3)WASBA donation (Mark S.)  Do we need to approve if we are going to do this?

4) Outreach Program/Support – (Pauline Marshall)

Discussion about if we should do it and, if so, what is needed.

This is an outreach for schools, garden clubs, etc.  Fair is separate.

Pauline ran us through an exercise to focus on what is our goal with outreach (education) and what kinds of requests the club should accept.  Also, what distance should we expect outreach participants to travel?  Distant requests can be referred to other, more local clubs. Participants can accept any personal requests they wish.  (See Pauline’s attached report at the end of these minutes)

5)WASBA – (Larry B.)

Gary Cluet, the president, is moving to England in May.  No replacement at this time.

The education program is being upgraded with the “Apprentice” series being split so there is an “Introduction to Beekeeping” series and a proposed ”Apprentice” series for beekeepers with a year’s experience.  WASBA wants students to be members of the state organization.

6) Apprentice Master Beekeeper Class (Mark S.)  The class went well and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

7)Mentoring Program (Joe C.)

It will remain as it is.  Signup forms will be available at the April meeting. 

The request for a mentor will be deleted from our membership form.

8)Advertising policy for our website – Right now anyone who makes donations to the club is a “donor”. 

Cory suggested maybe we should consider paying sponsors as Randy Oliver has on his website?  If so, should we separate “donors” from “sponsors”?

Theresa suggested, “tiered levels” of support.

Another question was whether we want to have paid advertisements on our web pages?

Tabled for now.

9)Parking at meetings – Mark may ask able-bodied members to park farther away?

Mike said lack of enough parking is probably only going to be March through June.

10)New Beekeeper talk-time  New beeks need time to ask questions during that first hour.  We need to keep to the basics so new-bees are not overwhelmed.  Sticking with the “bullet points” on the “Beekeeping Calendar” might be best.

We also need to keep down/eliminate confusing suggestions from less experienced beeks.  Sometimes the discussion gets out of control.

Cory suggested keeping the focus on Larry and a couple experience members at the front.

Pauline suggested having an “expert” at each table?

Larry will limit the “bullet points” talk to 30 minutes so beginners have time for questions.

Experienced members need to circulate during the break and be available for more questions.

11) Tee Shirts – (Tim A.)  Available at the next meeting.

Mission: to promote interest in honey bees and beekeeping through the

Northwest District of Western Washington, and in particular, Snohomish County.

Minutes from NWDBA Board Meeting March 27, 2018

Subject: Outreach

Board members and guests provided input during a brainstorming exercise.  The subject was Outreach with the categories of impact, audience, logistical boundaries and process.

The following is a list of comments per subject and the number of times the comment was recorded.


Positive: Negative:

Public Education about bees (13) Takes club resources/volunteers (3)

Grow the club (5)

Learn through teaching 2

Community exposure (2)

Importance of pollination (2)

Fundraising (1)

Target audience for outreach: (#of comments)

Schools (5)

Garden Clubs/Nurseries (5)

Community Events/Fairs(4)

Farms (1)

Prison (1)

Geographic boundaries for outreach: (# of comments)

North: South: East:

Arlington (4) Woodinville (2) Monroe (2)

Stanwood (2) Bothell (2) Gold Bar (2)

S. Skagit County (1) Brier (1) Granite Falls (2)

Marysville (1) Lynnwood (1) Darrington (1)

Seattle (1)


Volunteer base:

Advertising for volunteers will be announced at the club meetings and in the newsletter.  Members interested in volunteering for outreach will contact the Outreach Coordinator via the outreach mailbox and complete a form providing their contact information, their preferred geographic locations, areas of interest, solo or co-teaching events, and Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master beekeeping experience level.  Forms will be provided at the club meetings.


Volunteers will be surveyed for desired material/resources to support their events and a list of basic materials will be developed for different event types and audiences.  Procurement of any materials must be approved by the board.  Live bees will not be permitted at events unless approved by a board member due to potential liability (additional discussion required).

Processing Requests:

  1. All organizations make requests by contacting the outreach mailbox and completing an “Outreach Request Form”
  2. Outreach Coordinator(s) approve or decline requests based on the approved criteria of event purpose, audience, location.
  3. Outreach Coordinator(s) will contact and confirm volunteers based upon preferred location, the area of interest and audience/topic requirements.
  4. Volunteer(s) will coordinate directly with requesting organization to support the event.
  5. Outreach Coordinator(s) will follow up with the volunteer(s) to get feedback and confirm the event was completed.
  6. Outreach Coordinator(s) will provide the board president a log of all events prior to each board meeting for review by the board and for recognition in the newsletter.
  7. The president will recognize volunteers at the club meeting to provide awareness to club membership of recently supported events.
  8. Outreach Coordinator(s) will provide volunteer recognition at the end of the year holiday party.


The NWDBA board approved Outreach when events support the following:

1) Educating the public about bees, growing club membership, and knowledge within the club.

2) Schools, garden clubs/nurseries and community event/fair events.

3) Boundaries of Arlington (North), Bothell (South), Gold Bar (East), Mukilteo (West).  See map.

4) The written process for approving requests and assigning volunteers is followed.

Map of approved area for outreach.

Information approved by the NWDBA Board on 3/27/18.

Documented by Pauline Jarman on 5/6/18