May 2018 Board Minutes

NWDBA Board meeting notes May 29, 2018

Attendees:  Mark Salser, Tim Ade, Mary Oosterhof, Joe Canfield, Mike Kossian, Jim Black, Larry Brainard, Eli Ocheltree, Dave Pehling, Erik Robertson

Action Items Summary:




Other speakers for possible 2018 event?



Get prices for other fundraising items

Tim A


Live bees at beekeeping presentations

Larry B

Agenda items:

  1. Minutes of 3/27/18 approved.

Treasurer’s report and membership numbers. (Mary O.)

  1. 171.members.  Balance: Checking- $6172.61; Savings- $8008.00

Evergreen Fair (Tim A.)  Theresa has been busy and arrangements for bees at the fair have been made with the prison beeks and the fair contract for our space is signed.  Tim will try to have a signup sheet at the June meeting.

Honey sticks with local honey will be from Snohomish Bee Co. Last year we ran short so we need to put away a specific amount for each day and dole them out rather than have them where folks can just grab a handful.

We discussed having displays of other pollinators in addition to honey bees. Dave can supply an old bumble nest, nest box, and pinned specimens. Lots of mason bees stuff is also available.

Outreach Program/Support – (Eli O.)

Mark said we now have the teaching frames to be put into frames.

Eli reported 6 new volunteers for outreach.

Mark will thank outreach volunteers at next meeting which may drum up more interest.

Larry B. is considering doing a presentation to volunteers about how to do a talk.  Perhaps this would be a separate meeting. Mark will announce at the club meeting.

Regarding accepting payment for a presentation.  Suggest a donation to the club through our website?

How about live bees at a presentation? There are liability concerns.  Drones would be OK. Larry B. uses an observation hive during his presentations.

Tabled for later discussion.

WASBA – (Larry B.)

There is a face to face meeting of WASBA officers in Ellensburg on June 8 with the new interim president, Kevin Oldenberg. Larry plans to attend and present our concerns: What is WASBA doing for us?; The proposed new educational materials are not very impressive; what about insurance for local clubs?..particularly liabilities concerning live bees at presentations; how do we deal with Apprentice MBK students/certificates/patches?; what about lobbying efforts on behalf of beekeepers?; there are now two State beekeeping organizations?; perhaps there is a possibility of doing a large event with them?

6) NWDBA Picnic (Mark S.)  We need a committee head. Someone to figure out how much food is needed and pick it up. Eli volunteered to be in charge of buying food at Costco

Proposed activities – Mead making, waxing plastic foundation, candle making, skep making, queen grafting.

Proposed dates – July 14, July 28 or August 4.

Tentatively set for July 28th.

Beekeeping Trifecta Report (Jim B.)

It was a great event but not well attended. Several of our club members were there.  Great speakers and information. Dr. Tom Seeley, Dr. Andony Melathopoulos (pests/diseases, nucs, local bees), and Alison McAfee (GMO bees, pheromones, hygiene) presented on a variety of topics.

Advertising policy for our website (Mark S.) – Discussion about what is a donor vs a sponsor?

Right now, advertisements are in our newsletters. Donors are listed on the website.

Donors are people/companies who donate material(s) to the club.

Club Extractor Equipment – (Tim A.) We have two extractors but only one electric knife and one cold knife. We need another electric knife.  Moved we get a thermostatically controlled electric knife. Passed.

Mark S. said he would order one.

Programs (Jim B.)

The June program will be a demo of using the club extractors along with a demo of using a heat gun for decapping.

July will be Eric Stromgren, who missed our meeting.

August – Andy about 2-queen systems

Also in line is Dr. Eckleholm on pollinators and Slovenian beekeeping.