Microscope to diagnose Nosema levels available at club meetings

The Snohomish Bee Company has purchased a compound microscope for use at our club meetings in order to help members monitor their Nosema infection levels. Our club approached Snohomish Bee Company and asked if they would consider buying the microscope if the club would agree to purchase a transportation box for the scope, the supplies to make it useful, and a video camera that we can hook up to the scope to use during club meetings.  We will have the microscope available at each monthly meeting for club members to check samples of their bees for Nosema spores.  People will also be able to use the microscope at Snohomish Bee Company when it is not being used at our monthly club meetings. The scope should be available for use from the April meeting onward.  This is a huge win for our club and for all beekeepers in the area, and it is a great partnership between our club and Snohomish Bee Company!

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