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It feels like Spring might just be here early, though it has definitely fooled us in the past! Thank you to the club members who have shown up to meetings during the winter doldrums -I know in the cold wet months it often feels like the exciting part of beekeeping is so far away, so we appreciate people keeping up the enthusiasm. I’m expecting that our meetings are going to start getting packed as people realize that it won’t be long before their packages are here, and perhaps they better learn something about how to keep those darn bees alive.

The Speakers Committee has been hard at work putting together a list of speakers for the club. We’ve been drawing on our own members over the last few months and they have given some wonderful talks, and now we have finally gotten organized with our speakers coming in from outside of the club. Our schedule isn’t completely full yet, but here is a list of what we have so far.

Jeff Steenbergen talking about the Pros and Cons of top bar beekeeping in March,

Dr. Brad Weeks talking about the medical uses of venom therapy in April,

Dr. Megan Taylor coming from WSU to talk about Old World Honey Bee Populations: A Genetic Resource for US honey bee breeding in May,

Everett Chu from Azusa Farm and Gardens in Mt. Vernon talking about beneficial plants for bees in June,

Gerry Saw from the Snohomish County Noxious Weed Control Board talking about their control program in our area in July,

and finally Sue Colby talking about the collection trips they have done abroad in September. It’s an exciting list, and we will continue to try to improve it and fill the empty slots!

Mark Salser, NWDBA President

2 thoughts on “Presidents Buzz

  1. Is anyone using oxalic acid vapor in determining varroa drop?I am curious to also hear if summer rx is possible or beneficial.Has anyone used it on nucleus colonies as a soft knockdown treatment?I ask because I inherited a hive with five frames and a mite issue.I dont want to beat them up too much,but…I want to give them a boost.Was considering a hopguard strip following an oxalic acid vapor to give a phoretic knockdown.I am determined to get these bees a chance.Any suggestions?See you on 6-14.Thank you,Sean.

    • Summer treatment with oxalic acid vapor is fine, just don’t treat anything with honey supers on (it is my understanding that it is fine to treat and then put supers back on). In my personal experience with oxalic acid it does not seem to bother the bees much at all, so I would have no concern about doing what you suggest. I would probably not challenge the bees with both Hopguard and oxalic acid at once though.

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