Randy Oliver talk was a huge success!

I wanted to publicly say thank you to all of the club members who helped make the Randy Oliver talk a huge success.  Our vice president Mike Kossian put in a huge amount of work on this and many others played important supporting roles.  We had about 225 people in attendance and all of the feedback we got was very positive.  Randy is an incredibly engaging speaker, and we really appreciate him fitting this into his calendar.

I also want to say a big thank you to all of the people who attended.  We had people travel down from for hours north up in BC and others coming from all over the state of Washington.  It was wonderful to bring so many beekeepers together and to feel like our club was making a difference to the larger beekeeping community.  We put out a donation box to collect money to help support Randy’s research efforts at Scientificbeekeeping.com and people contributed very generously.  It was greatly appreciated by Randy, as all of his research efforts are supported by donations rather than by grant funding.

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