We need people who do cut-outs

Hi Beekeepers, as president I occasionally get emails from people who have bees living in the walls of their buildings and would like them removed.  This isn’t the “typical” swarm call.  It requires much more skill to do a cut-out without damaging the building significantly and it also requires much more time and tools.  We have our swarm-call list, but we probably need to augment it with a shorter list of people who have the skills and interest to do cut-outs.  If that is you, please email me at president@nwdba.org and let me know where you are located and how far you will travel to look at a potential cut-out.  Please be realistic about your skill level – We are talking here about cutting open someone else’s wall and removing both honey and bees without significantly damaging the structure or accidentally cutting into their electrical wiring etc.  I would guess that at a minimum a simple cut-out takes 4-6 hours so this isn’t for the faint-of-heart.

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