Why Did My Bees Die?

This is an excellent article that reinforces how important it is to monitor the varroa mite levels in your hive and do some kind of management in order to prevent them from getting out of control.  You may not believe in treating your hives with any kind of chemical, natural extract or otherwise, but you STILL need to control varroa and you DO have methods such as drone trapping and powdered sugar shakes that are chemical-free.  It is irresponsible beekeeping to do nothing, and many very knowledgable beekeepers and researchers believe that negligent beekeeping by people who believe that the bees will just naturally take care of themselves is leading to really serious mite problems for others.  Those mite-infested hives collapse and then the mites crawl onto bees coming in to explore the hive or rob out any leftover honey and the problem spreads to even well managed hives.


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