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Our Mission


Our mission is to promote interest in honey bees and beekeeping throughout the northwest district of western Washington, and, in particular, Snohomish County.

Club Meetings

Our Meetings are open to the public, free of charge, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at:

2nd Tuesday of every Month at 6pm

In person and hosted online with Zoom

1305 Pine Avenue

Snohomish, WA United States

Our Beginner Hour starts at 6pm, where some of our experienced beekeepers will talk about important aspects of local beekeeping based on the the time of year and adjusting for variables like early blooms or poor weather. This is a great way for beekeepers at all levels to learn more quickly, everyone's input is welcome, and we have plenty of opportunities for questions. Beginner hour is followed by our Guest Speaker at 7pm. For information on upcoming speakers, visit our Events page

President: Meagan Wells

Vice President: Courtney Sorensen

Treasurer:  Marissa Payne

Secretary: Dave Pehling

Technology Officer: Scott Stevenson

President Emeritus: Cory Marchand 

Members at Large:

Mary Moser

Sharon Holt

Brandon Wight
Syne Mitchell
James Fuchs

Honey Bee Outreach

Our club has members who are often willing to volunteer their time at your club, classroom, or organization in order to help educate about honey bees and the role they play in our ecosystem and food supply.  You can request a volunteer here

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