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NWDBA's Guide to Snohomish County Nectar & Pollen Sources

You may have heard “all beekeeping is local”. That especially is true in the case of available nectar and pollen plants within flight ranges of your apiaries in Snohomish County. There are any number of lists of plants and their approximate bloom times but beeks should confirm that information for their local microclimates. Western Washington is particularly difficult with our wide range of elevations, temperatures and what plant species are actually growing in your area.

The list we have curated here is generally what you can expect in terms of plants and bloom times in our area but you should take notes year to year so that you can adjust this guide based on microclimate bloom times. Every year is different, and you will probably find that bloom times for some plants can vary as much as a month during cold springs. So, learn what plants are in your area, keep track of bloom times (and dearths!) and that will help you plan ahead for what your bees will need to prepare for future pollen and nectar flows.

Developed by Dave Pehling & Meagan Wells  2021

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