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Click here to request a volunteer beekeeper for a beekeeping education opportunity at your school or organization

Fact based information related to the Asian Giant Hornet can be located on the WSDA website

Upcoming Classes

NWDBA offers multiple Beekeeper Education Courses at all levels in conjunction with the Washington State Beekeepers Association (WASBA). In 2019, these programs were updated significantly based on updated beekeeping practices. Our classes are taught by volunteers. Specific dates will be set and published based on their availability.

Beginner Beekeeper: No entry requirements, for new beekeepers or beekeepers in the first several years RSVP


Apprentice Beekeeper: Requires Beginner Beekeeper certification (or test out) and at least one year of beekeeping experience; must be a member of a local bee club & WASBA. Teaches more advanced techniques and management strategies.  RSVP

Journeyman Beekeeper: Requires Apprentice Beekeeper certification & and requirements here..For serious hobbyists, and aspiring sideliners or commercial beekeepers.  RSVP

Master Beekeeper: Requirements here. For the committed beekeeper interested in independent study on beekeeping related topics and expanding public information currently available on honey bees and beekeeping. Contact WASBA directly for this certification 


1/02022 Update: We are offering both Classes this Winter & are waiting on final confirmation with the classroom facility. Registration is available on our Events page. 

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