October 2018 Board Minutes

NWDBA Board meeting notes October 2, 2018


Mark Salser, Joe Canfield, Jim Black, Larry Brainard, Eli Ocheltree, Dave Pehling, Erik Robertson, Cheryl Robertson, Mary Oosterhof, Bear, Meagan Wells, Michael Clark, Dave Ferguson.

Action Items Summary:

Agenda items:
Minutes of 8/7/18 approved.

Treasurer’s report and membership numbers. (Mary O.) We have two new members. Checking – $5,774.13; Savings – $8,158.00. Total of $13,785.71 . Two items not yet paid: Church donation – $800; WSU donation – $800. Mark moved we pay church. Passed.
Mary said she would try to put together a proposed budget for the December meeting, comparing our 2018 budget proposal with what we actually spent.

3) Meeting program update (Jim B.) Programs are lined up through January (Insurance and Beekeeping). We should line up speakers through February. Jim said he would do it.
Mark S. said he planned to have coffee with the Skagit Beekeepers president to compare programs and improve both clubs.
A discussion of possible speakers followed. We need more!
Jim said he had Randy Oliver tentatively for September 28, 2019. He will take care of paperwork.

4) WASBA – (Larry B.) Larry handed out minutes of the recent WASBA meeting in Ellensburg. Things are coming together and WASBA is finally doing a State Conference again. See the WASBA website http://wasba.org/reenergized-annual-conference-coming-february-9-2019/ for info. The one day conference will be February 9 at Eastern WA. University in Cheney.
Larry said WASBA needs more support and encouraged board members to join. Also suggested we encourage club members to join. Maybe mention it at the meeting?
Mark asked what does WASBA do for us as a club? Larry will send info to Mark.
Cheryl R. asked if we should make WASBA membership mandatory but the board decided that would not be a good idea…may discourage club membership.

Work continues on the Master Beekeeper curricula. The new Beginner Beekeeper curriculum is ready. Journeyman is still being edited. Experienced beekeepers can skip the required Beginner course if they pass the Beginner tests.
Larry covered the history of the breakup of WASBA and has been attempting to contact the Master Beekeeper splinter group but no luck so far.

5) Evergreen Fair Review (Mark S.) Discussion on how things went. Mary O. said it went well. Mark said the mason bee material took up a lot of space. Michael C. suggested we keep a list of questions received. Good idea for the next fair.
Mark S. said we were late getting signup sheets this year. We need to start earlier and make sure new members are aware they get a free pass and parking. Suggested we advertise at the club picnic. Maybe have a display describing the perks of helping.
Joe C. mentioned that at least one person that signed up to help was not a member. We need to be sure only members sign up. We can go over the signup before fair to confirm membership.
Mark S. suggested we have info about how folks can donate to the WSU Apis Lab.
Mary O. suggested we have signs so folks know there are two beekeeping displays.
Cheryl R. said having two observation hives at the indoor booth was a good idea. More folks were able to look when it was crowded.
Jim B. suggested we have a planning committee this winter to plan for the 2019 fair.

6) By-Law Changes (Mark S.) Mark handed out the by-laws with proposed changes and emphasized they do not need to be perfect.
The big change is in Art. 4 (E) where members at large are increased to six. The comment was made that 3-year commitment may be too long for some members but if a member wants to leave before, the position can be re-filled with few problems.
Mary O. mentioned that the vice president seems to be in charge of getting speakers for meetings but Mark said it was not a requirement. Present vice president, Jim B., explained why it works best with one speaker coordinator, which avoids the possibility of double-booking a meeting, and how he has been doing it.
Mark S. suggested having a committee that just looks for possible speakers and sends those suggestions to the speaker coordinator.
Cheryl R. suggested using “Google Calendars” for setting speaker dates. Tabled for later.
Mark S. suggested we have the club members vote only on changes to Art. 4, 8 and 5f. So moved and passed.
There was a discussion on the commitments left for the different members at large. We just need to specify how many years are left (of their 3-year tenure) for each member.

7) Donation to WSU (Mark) Joe C. suggested we do several smaller donations..maybe monthly. After discussion, Mark S. suggested we do the full $800 this year and perhaps doing quarterly next year. Jim B. so moved. Passed

8) NWDBA Board Elections – (Mark S.) We still need a candidate for president. Mark described the president’s duties and it is not difficult. President puts together and sends agenda for board meetings to board members; handles e-mails regarding the club; speaks at and coordinates club meetings.
Meagan W. indicated interest in the V.P. position. Mark S. said he would help if Meagan would run for president and he would run as V.P.
Mary O. and Dave P. said they would run again in their positions.
Cheryl R. and Michael C. said they would run for “members at large”

9) December Potluck (Mark S.) We need a coordinator for this. Joe C. said his wife, Theresa, may do it again. She did a great job last year!

10) Club Honey Tasting Contest (Mark S.) Mike K. has done this in the past. Tabled.

11) Church Survey Letter (Mark S.) We received a letter from the church requesting info on our outreach, etc. Erik R. said he would respond.