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Swarm Collection

Swarm Season has begun in Snohomish County. Please review the images below to confirm that what you are seeing are Honeybees. We cannot provide help for yellow jackets, wasps, or bumblebees. 

If you are outside of Snohomish County, please search for your nearest bee club or swarm catchers by searching "Honeybee Swarms" + your county. This is the quickest way to access local help. 

Not Honeybees click each image to learn more

Honeybee Swarm 

Below are pictures of honeybee swarms as well as established feral honeybee colonies. If you see ones of these, please send an email to & include the following information:

  • Name & Phone Number

  • Physical Location of the Honeybees

  • Picture if possible


We may ask a few questions in order to validate that what you are seeing is not a case of mistaken identity ​& then will send your information to our volunteers. 

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