Hive Stand Plans

Updated: May 2, 2020

A few people have asked for the plans for the hive stands I use in my Bee Yard. Please feel free to comment or as questions if you would like. I have started cutting my hive stand legs at 10 inches and using the concrete block used for deck footing to keep the hive stand from sinking in the soft Pacific Northwest soil.

Hive Stand

Here are the plans for the Hive Stands I use in our bee yard I use Pressure treated 2x4 and 4X4 lumber


2 pressure treated 4X4 cut to 62 In. runners

4 pressure treated 4X4 cut to 18 In. spacers

4 pressure treated 4X4 cut to 17 In. legs

Cut the 4X4 lumber to length then cut the 4X4 to lengthNotch the tops of the 4X4 legs 1 ¾ wide by 3 ¾ deep this will support the runners

Assemble the hive stand as shown below I leave 5 inches from each end to allow for a place to rest frames removed from the hive during an inspection. Then I space the inboard spacers 17 inches apart for 10 frame equipment and 10 ¾ inches apart for 8 frame equipment. I use 10-inch #8 deck screws for assembly.

I have been using these stand for 6 years without issue. Cutting the notches in the 4X4 legs takes all the weight off the screws and allows the lumber to support the hive eliminating the possibility of a screw failure resulting in hives falling onto the ground.

Below is a detailed picture of the spacing to allow for a built-in frame rest

A detailed picture of the notch cut into the 4X4 Legs

Picture of the final assembly

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